A Primer on the AY 2015 – 2016 Academic Calendar Shift

On August 2015, De La Salle University will implement a new academic calendar. As part of the adjustments for the incoming AY 2015 – 2016, a special term will be offered from May 4 to July 23 , 2015.

Academic shift pic1

Reasons for the Shift

The overarching vision of the ASEAN Economic Community  is to establish a single market and production base that is fully integrated into the global market. Part of this vision is to strengthen the ASEAN University Network, of which De La Salle University is a founding member. A major step to achieve this is the alignment of programs and initiatives with global partner institutions. This move will facilitate DLSU’s academic engagements with universities from AUN and other international academic institutions outside the region. These collaborations include exchange programs, research, and other academic and network-building activities.

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