Call for Proposals on Solar Energy Research (2013-14)

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THE DLSU SOLAR ENERGY CENTER, in cooperation with the SIKAT SOLAR CHALLENGE FOUNDATION INC., invites submission of research proposals (Research Grants for A.Y. 2013-14) to be used for Solar Energy Research and Community-Based Solar Energy Applications.


1.  Photovoltaic technologies

a. Material-related researches: use of alternative or innovative materials for cost and performance efficiency

b. Process or manufacturing-related researches: use of innovative manufacturing techniques or approaches for cost and performance efficiency

c. Applied researches: community-based applications of a PV technology research

2.  Solar thermal technologies

a. Approaches to maximize solar energy generation

b. Energy storage technologies for efficient electricity generation

3.   Other related renewable energy researches as deemed acceptable for funding by the DLSU Solar Energy Center and Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation through the technical screening committee.

The research output must include a CD containing the full research paper and the compressed research paper in journal article format not to exceed 10 pages single spaced. The research output must also be disseminated in a lecture series or at least a national solar energy related research conference. For applied researches, proposals must be implemented within 15 months of proposal acceptance notification. All research outputs will be kept in the database of the DLSU Solar Energy Center and shall be jointly owned by the researcher(s), the DLSU Solar Energy Center, and the Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation Inc.

Eligibility. Application for the Research Grants is open to all full-time and part-time faculty members of De La Salle University.  The grants are also open to student thesis groups mentored by full-time faculty members of De La Salle University.

Awards. At least three (3) proposals will be selected within the calendar year 2013 and shall be awarded a MAXIMUM of Php80,000 each. All grants will be screened and selected by a review committee comprised of the DLSU Solar Energy Center and Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation Inc. representatives.

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Application Requirements. All applications for Research Grants must include:

1. Information on the lead researcher (contact and background information, including the most recent curriculum vitae) and all other co-researcher(s), if applicable;

2. Abstract of the proposed research project limited to a maximum of 200 words;

3. Statement of how the project advances the state of knowledge in solar energy research and applications;

4. Research proposal (limited to a maximum of 5 single-spaced pages) that addresses the following:

a. Research background

b. Review of literature

c. Problem statement

d. Theoretical or conceptual framework of the research

e. Research questions

f. Importance of the research

g. Description of methodology including proposed data collection design, criteria for selecting the sample, selection of variables and rationale for using them, analytic techniques and implementation plan for applied researches

h. References cited in the proposal

5. Gantt chart for research activities

6. Proposed research budget

Application Deadlines and Submission. Proposals for Research Grants are due at the DLSU CESDR office or DLSU Industrial Engineering Department by 5:00 pm of June 21, 2013. July 15, 2013.

Please contact Mr. Richard Li at 524-46-11 local 220 or email at if you have questions regarding the application or submission process. To know more, visit: DLSU Solar Energy Center. All awards are contingent upon the availability of funds and shall be divided into at least two releases. The release of the full funding (final release) will also be contingent on the approval by the Center of the required deliverables.

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