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Extreme by Design Documentary to Be Screened at Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall

For those interested in design or are searching for inspiration on how to jump start revolutionary change, Extreme by Design might be right up your alley. The documentary follows three university students as they design and build products that try to tackle real world problems and meet the needs of the poor.

The documentary will be screened at the Natividad Fajardo – Rosario Gonzalez Auditorium, Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall on June 7, 2014, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM. To register, sign up here.


“Sagipoon,” ongoing exhibit at the new Bloemen Gallery

EVERYONE IS INVITED to visit Bloemen Gallery, DLSU’s newest creative space. Providing another avenue of expression for the University’s commitment to local artists, the gallery features a 20 sqm. open area that can be used to exhibit paintings, photographs, sculptures and installation art.

It is located at the south corner of Bloemen Hall. This latest innovation is aligned with the University’s renewed effort to find creative ways to maximize space utilization in campus and to increase the contribution of all physical areas in building a learner-centered research institution.

Malate Literary Folio has an ongoing exhibit entitled Sagipoon, a Maranao word meaning simula.  Sagipoon indicates the beginning of an action or creative process. Being the first art exhibit in Bloemen Gallery, Sagipoon aims to be the start of a series of shows that promote Lasallian artists and their message.  The collection of works from the Malate Literary Folio is curated by Saree Gloria and Mikki Luistro.  The exhibit will run up to 15 November 2013. 

Philippines’ Sikat II places third in world solar car race

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – Sikat II placed third in the Adventure Class of the 2013 World Solar Challenge after travelling six days from Darwin to Adelaide.

The Philippines’ representative to the most prestigious solar car racing event travelled a total of 2,487 solar kilometers, beating Hong Kong, Turkey, USA, and two teams from Japan. Australia’s Aurora Evolution placed first while Chile’s Antakari landed second place in the same category.

A solar kilometer is the distance traveled by a vehicle relying solely on the sun’s energy.

Sikat II completed the 3,000 km journey!

Finally, Sikat II has reached the end of timing stop. They have completed the 3000 km journey! Congratulations! Animo La Salle!

Sikat II arrives at the final control stop at Port Augusta

Sikat II arrives at the final control stop at Port Augusta. Next stop: Adelaide!

Sikat II seeks podium finish in world solar race on October 11

GLENDAMBO, SOUTH AUSTRALIA – The Philippines’ Sikat II has reached eight of the nine control stops of the 2013 World Solar Challenge (WSC), the global solar car race currently being held in the Australian continent.

The country’s representative to the biennial event travelled a total of 2,171 solar miles, keeping its third place ranking in the Adventure Class. A solar mile is the distance traveled by a vehicle relying solely on the sun’s energy.

Sikat II is expected to reach the finish line in Adelaide on October 11. 

Sikat II in 3rd place as world solar race enters second stage

Race Day 3: Sikat II has arrived at the third control stop at Alice Springs at 4:15pm. Sikat II has travelled approx 1250 kms.

Alice Springs, Australia ‐ The Philippines’ Sikat II is currently in 3rd place in its class as the World Solar Challenge (WSC) enters the second stage of the competition on October 9.

Sikat II has traveled 1,267 solar miles since the biennial solar car race kicked off in Darwin on Sunday. Solar miles is the distance traveled by the car relying solely on the sun’s power.

The solar car did not experience problems in the first half of the journey, except for system re‐calibrations.

DLSU partners with Human Factors International for usability training and consulting for Philippine Companies

THE HUMAN FACTORS and Ergonomics Center of De La Salle University under the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) partnered with Human Factors International (HFI) in providing usability training and consulting to companies in the Philippines.

HFI well known for its “Certified Usability Analyst (CUA)” course and is the world’s largest company specializing in user-centered design. It offers a wide range of public and onsite training and certification in user-centered design – teaching practical skills to ensure usability in Web sites and applications.

Sikat II gets pole position in World Solar Challenge

The Philippines is race-ready

DARWIN, AUSTRALIA — Sikat II, the country’s representative to the 2013 World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Australia, reached another milestone when it placed first in its class during the qualifying round of the world’s biggest solar car competition held at Hidden Valley Raceway on October 5.

The Philippines clocked 2:30.53, beating closest competitor Team Aurora of Australia which timed 2:32.95. There are five other solar cars participating in the Adventure class.

This achievement earned Sikat II the pole position in the biennial meet, beginning October 6 in this Northern Territory city and will end in Adelaide on October 11.  It covers 3,021 kilometers of the Australian Outback.

Sikat II solar car successfully conducts road test

Successful road testing for Sikat II at Cox Peninsula.

Team Sikat Solar Philippines Updates: September 29, 2013 (Day 9)

DARWIN, AUSTRALIA — Team Sikat Solar Philippines successfully conducted the first of a series of road tests for Sikat II, the country’s entry to the 2013 World Solar Challenge on Sunday, September 29.

Sikat II conducted three cycles of road tests on Cox Peninsula Road, covering around 185 kilometers.  The tests are part of the Team Philippines’ preparations for the biennial racing event happening from October 6 to 12. The race covers 3,021 kilometers traversing the Australian continent from Darwin to Adelaide.

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