DLSU and Unilever Philippines initiate “Sachet Recovery Project”

The Campus Sustainability Office, in cooperation with the students of the Management of Development Projects (MANPROJA51) course under the Department of Political Science, and in partnership with Unilever Philippines, has initiated the Sachet Recovery Project, a collection drive of empty sachet packaging to help clean up the environment and promote greener living.

Unilever Philippines has committed to convert every 170 kilos of used sachets into 1,000 pieces of bricks and stone pavers, which will be used in improving the pathways and grounds of the campus.

The community is enjoined to support this environmental project by collecting sachet packaging and wrapping of the following consumer products:

Food Items: coffee; coffee creamer; powdered milk; powdered juice; snacks and chips; candy; cooking oil/soy sauce/vinegar refill pack; tetra pack juices

Personal and Household Items: toothpaste (including in tubes); shampoo; conditioner; facial cleanser; deodorizer; bath soap; powdered laundry soap; fabric conditioner; dish washing liquid soap

The clean and dry sachets may be deposited in designated bins located at the Central Plaza and at the ground floor areas of the Don Enrique T. Yuchengco Hall, Br. Alphonsus Bloemen Hall, and Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall. To find out more on how you can help, please send an email to green@dlsu.edu.ph.

Each Small Act Counts. Every Green Decision Matters.

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