DLSU Faculty Major Contributors to the Philippines’ Industrial Ecology Research Output


Industrial ecology research output graphic 300x297

In a recent social network analysis article published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology (ISI with IF 2.276), DLSU professors have been revealed as major contributors to industrial research in the Philippines. The authors in the Philippine Category mentioned in the article are: Dr. Kathleen Aviso, Dr. Anthony S.F. Chiu, Dr. Alvin Culaba, and Dr. Raymond Tan. In addition, the article also highlights that China, Japan, and the Philippines have significant contributions to the research of industrial symbiosis.

DLSU researchers have been active in the field of Industrial Ecology since 1998. Additionally, DLSU engineering departments have graduated Ph.D. students in the field of industrial ecology with specializations in life cycles analysis, industrial symbiosis, material flow analysis, and economic input-output.

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