Making a Difference with Technology: Micro-Hydro Power Energizes Remote Community

HydroDe La Salle University’s Center for Micro-Hydro Technology for Rural Electrification (CeMTRE), in partnership with SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP), recently turned over a 10-kilowatt hydro powerplant to the local government of Baragay Parina, Apayao.

The 10-kilowatt hydro-powerplant was conceptualized by SNAP in 2011, while  the technical aspect of the project was implemented by DLSU. The power project forms part of the national government’s thrust at providing electricity to small, remote off-grid areas. In step with the national government’s objective, DLSU-CeMTRE seeks to accelerate research and development of micro-hydro technologies within the country and promote local manufacturing of turbines and controllers. DLSU-CeMTRE also aims to strengthen the inter-agency coordination among academic institutions, NGOs, and other stakeholders on micro-power technologies.

NAST Academician and DLSU University Fellow Dr. Alvin Culaba, as the project leader of the micro-hydro power project, formally turned over the plant to Calanasan Mayor Elias Bulut. In his inauguration speech, Dr. Culaba acknowledged the yearlong partnership of DLSU with the community and the local government unit. This partnership, according to Dr. Culaba, contributed to the successful implementation of the project whose construction started in 2013. For their part, local executives expressed their belief that the power project will support more socio-economic activities in the area. The plant, which is to be managed by the local community, will provide energy to 50 households in Barangay Parina.

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