Reminders for the 168th Commencement Exercises

THE 168th COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES will be on 12 October 2013, 0900 at the PICC Plenary Hall. The venue for the Reception Lunch will be announced later.

For faculty members, to confirm attendance to the Commencement Exercises and the Reception, please click “Attend Graduation” on your My.LaSalle account. For reference, please keep the electronically-issued confirmation number.

This facility will be accessible from 11 September 2013 (from 0800 to 2000 on weekdays; from 0800 to 1200 on Saturdays). As we have to make various preparations, we regret that we cannot entertain confirmation of attendance beyond 24 September 2012.

Please take note of the following general reminders:

1.  Faculty members who confirm attendance to the event are expected to cooperate with the published procedures governing the event and to attend the Commencement Exercises in its entirety. Faculty members are expected to wear semi-formal attire together with the academic attire.

2.  Changes in attire details (academic degree and measurement) must be communicated to not later than 26 September 2012.

3.  The academic attire will be delivered to the department on 08 October 2012. Nothing will be distributed at the PICC. After the Commencement Exercises, the academic attire may be returned only at the designated area at the PICC.

4.   Per existing university policies, reserved but unused academic attire will be charged (P450 for Bachelor; P700 for Masters; P800 for PhD) to the personal account of the faculty member.

5.  The following will be charged P1200/person for the reception:

5.1    Guests of faculty members;

5.2    Faculty members without prior reservation to attend the reception;

5.3    Faculty members who made prior reservation but did not attend the reception; and

5.4    Faculty members who did not attend the Commencement Exercises at PICC but attended the reception, with or without prior reservation.

6.   The last day for cancellation of reservations is on 26 September 2013. After this date, charges for academic attire rental and for the reception shall apply.

7.   On the day of the Commencement Exercises, the DLSU bus will be available to transport the faculty to and from the PICC. The schedule of departure from the South Gate will be announced via Help Desk.

8.  There will be no depository facility for bags and other materials either at the PICC or at the reception venue. The bringing of big bags and other bulky items is strongly discouraged.

9.  No tickets will be issued to the faculty members. Please bring your faculty ID at the PICC and at the reception venue for scanning at the entrance. Please make sure that your ID is scanned both at the PICC and at the reception venue. The scanning facility will be removed at the PICC once the program has started. Failure to scan is equivalent to absence in the event and, thus, will be subject to charging of the appropriate fee(s).

For questions, please send an e-mail to

Thank you very much for your usual cooperation.

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